Why SuperLift?

SuperLifts brand is a company formed for the purpose to provide the BEST Lifts for the Powersports enthusiast and to provide Storage, Maintenance and Showroom display options. The Team has 100 + years of experience in the Powersports ,Lift and Fabrication markets, enabling the expertise to be our focus in the creation of the World’s BEST Toy Lift. SuperLifts is the only Powersports Lift company dedicated to providing the BEST Lift options for your Toys and backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The SuperLifts 1000 model was founded in 2005 in a small community of Haliburton Ontario, Canada. The winter activities include snowmobiling and summer activities playing on ATV’s when not on the Lake, so a concept and demand for Storage and Maintenance of these toys became a priority and the birth of the 1000 model was created. The Lift became a local hero for Storage and Maintenance for personal garages and shops and now has grown to be the Leader in the powersports markets. The Versatility and Portability of the Lifts are what sets the SuperLifts apart from any other Lift options, such as Table Tops Lifts, Stand Alone Cage Lifts and 4 Posts Car Lifts, with all attachment options offering storage on the Upper or Lower levels with a hand or electric winch.

The SuperLifts options now extends to offer 3 models of Lifts for Storage, Maintenance and Showroom Display for your favorite Powersports Toy. The applications page will provide you all the options.

The Lifts are available to purchase Factory Direct and we offer World Wide delivery to help serve you and your Lift requirements.


At SuperLifts, Our number one goal is for every customers to be 100% satisfied with our products. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with a product you’ve purchased, simply contact the office so we can make you Satisfied.

100% satisfaction guaranteed