1000 Model

Key Features

  • Engineered Certified for 1000 lbs Lift Capacity
  • Electric Winch with Brake
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • Easy Loading for all Toys
  • Move the Lift Fully Loaded Casters rated at 1000 lbs each
  • Spring-Loaded Lever with Dawg Locks
  • Manual Stop Pin Provided

What Can You Store?


Lift Specifications

  • Length 104” / 264cm
  • Width 51” / 1 29cm
  • Height 84” / 214cm
  • Weight 800 lbs. / 363kg
  • Max. Height 63” / 160cm
  • Max. Lift Weight 1000 lbs. / 454kg
  • Power Coat Paint Finish
  • Easy Loading for all Toys
  • Move the Lift Fully-Loaded
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Electric or Hand Winch Available
  • Double Your Storage/Display Options
  • Inspections & Maintenance Made Easy
  • Park your Vehicle Under Your Lifted Toy

Safety Features

  • Capacity 1000 lbs Upper & 1000 lbs Lower
  • Spring-Loaded Lever with Dawg Locks
  • Wheel Cradle/Chock Holds Item
  • Casters Rated at 1000 lbs Each
  • Engineered Certified 3 to 1
  • Manual Stop Pin Provided
  • Stop Brake on Winch

Snowmobile Service Kit

  1. Adjustable service kit for easy loading and lift positions.
  2. Tunnel support foot pads for open access for track and rear suspension.
  3. Tether strap for front suspension and ski maintenance.
  4. Service kit can double as a storage option

ATV Storage Kit

  1. Adjustable positions to accommodate variable ATV wheel base lengths
  2. Tire loop holds ATV safely in place
  3. Tether Strap for front suspension and wheel maintenance
1000 Model Superlift ATV Storage Kit


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