2000 Max

Key Features

  • Engineered Certified for 2000 lbs Lift Capacity
  • Electric Winch with Brake
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • Easy Loading for all Toys
  • Move the Lift Fully Loaded Casters rated at 1500 lbs each
  • Spring-Loaded Lever with Dawg Locks
  • Manual Stop Pin Provided 

Coming Spring/Summer 2022 - Price to be determined



Lift Specifications

Length 120” / 305cm
Width 80” / 204cm
Height 120” / 305cm
Weight 1200 lbs. / 545kg
Max. Height 84” / 213cm
Max. Lift Weight 2000 lbs. / 907kg

Power Coat Paint Finish
Easy Loading for all Toys
Move the Lift Fully-Loaded
Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Electric or Hand Winch Available
Double Your Storage/Display Options
Inspections & Maintenance Made Easy
Park your Vehicle Under Your Lifted Toy

Safety Features

Capacity 2000 lbs Upper & 2000 lbs Lower
Spring-Loaded Lever with Dawg Locks
Wheel Cradle/Chock Holds Item
Casters Rated at 1500 lbs Each
Engineered Certified 3 to 1
Manual Stop Pin Provided
Stop Brake on Winch
Loading Ramps


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